Communications and Media

The goal of the Media and Communications Committee is to disseminate information to the Hopkins community, which includes the School of Medicine, School of Public Health, and School of Nursing. We do this via weekly bulletins, social media, and our website.

Diversity Postdoctoral Alliance Committee

The Diversity Postdoctoral Alliance Committee is an interdisciplinary  network for engaging, connecting, developing and supporting postdoc fellows historically underrepresented in the sciences. We seek to enhance the academic, professional, and social development of our members by systematically identifying and addressing their needs and concerns.


The International Committee provides the opportunity for recent and seasoned international postdocs at the Johns Hopkins Medical Campus to share experiences, network, and learn from one another. It also aims to bring together the diverse cultures and backgrounds that encompass our postdoc community.

Policy and Advocacy

The mission of the JHPDA Policy & Advocacy Committee is to monitor and advance the interests of postdoctoral fellows in the Schools of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing. This is accomplished by advocating for their interests when the University makes policies in matters related to benefits and due process. We also provide resources that help orient, inform and support postdoctoral fellows enduring their Hopkins Tenure.

Professional Development

PDC aims to provide necessary resources for post-doc fellows to develop and excel in skills that are essential for transition into academic and non-academic careers. We achieve this by conducting series of events with expert talks focusing on particular career aspects and also by monthly Research Presentation Club to allow fellows to improve their presentation skills in a friendly environment.

School of Public Health

The goal of the Committee is to advocate for the specific needs of postdocs at the School of Public Health and create better links between the SPH and the wider JHPDA. We aim to work together with other Committees of the JHPDA to help support postdocs at the SPH through a range of activities.


The vision of the Socials Committee is to promote camaraderie, unity and a sense of community within Johns Hopkins University’s postdoctoral fellows. We aim to accomplish our vision by providing social opportunities away from the bench where fellows can have fun, socialize and network with their peers.   

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Sai Sri Lekha Gaddam

I am Sri Lekha, and i am a student pursuing masters in Bio Technology. I am really interested in volunteering post doctoral fellowships. Please let me know, if there are any position openings. I will be very glad to work with you guys.
Thank you
Warm Regards
Sri Lekha

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