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Guide to Adding events to the JHPDA Website and weekly Bulletin

  1. Click here to open the event creation page.
  2. You need to be logged in, so we can track submitters and also give you the possibility to update your own submissions, later. If you already have your own user/pass, go on and login. If you don’t, quickly create a new account by using Facebook/Google login
  3. Add your event details including:
    1. Title.
    2. Event Description.
    3. Category: Announcements/JHPDA event/non-JHPDA event/Job posting.
    4. Start date, end date (if there is no finite end date for your event add the date till when you want the event to be advertised on our website).
    5. Start time, end time (If there is no specific time for your event, you can select “yes” on the drop down menu “hide time”).
    6. Upload an image (poster for your event).
    7. Location: Select location from drop-down menu. If the location of your event is not listed, select “other” and add location name/address.

      JHPDA Events form
      JHPDA Events form

  4. Click “I’m not a robot”.
  5. Click submit for review.

To make processing your request, faster, please always fill out these fields:

Title, Description, Time, Location (leave empty if there is no location) and Image.

Event inclusion policy:
If you want your event to be included in the following week’s newsletter (goes out on Monday after review)

  • Submit events for review no later than 5PM on the previous Friday
  • For special bulletins, please e-mail communications co-chair the title of the event
  • Only 1 special bulletin per month per committee
  • Special bulletins will not be sent on Monday or Tuesday (because the main newsletter is sent out on those days)


Events Registration(RSVP):

You can easily allow users RSVP to your event by selecting the checkbox named “allow registration”. The system will automatically generate the links. You might want to add a short text in the description field saying the registration is open…

Block Hours” refers to the deadline before registrations close. If left empty, no deadline will be set.

“Registration limit”, limits the number of registrations to your event. If left empty, it will allow unlimited RSVPs.