Thank you to 2017-2018 volunteers and exec board members!

(Corrected to reflect correct committees and to include Maria Gutierrez (Social))

On behalf of the 2018-2019 JHPDA Executive Board, we want thank all those who have volunteered in the last year. We want to especially thank the executive board and the following co-chairs for their service during the 2017-2018 term:

Antje Arnold (co-president)

Rachel Mulhern (co-president)

Pauline Charbogne (interim co-president)

Georg Oeltzschner (treasurer)

Sara Partearroyo (secretary)

Maria Gutierrez (Social)

Amrita Datta Chaudhuri (Communications)

Kartik Temburnikar (Communications)

Christina Castellani (Internationals)

Bahar Tuncgenc (Internationals)

Grace Kim (Policy & Advocacy)

Akansha Sehgal (Policy & Advocacy)

Aadhithya Raman (Professional Development)

Kathryn Moss (Professional Development)

Jada Dominigue (Diversity Postdoc Alliance)

Susana Rodriguez (Diversity Postdoc Alliance)

Collin Weigel (School of Public Health)

Jing Sun (School of Public Health)

Svetlana Pinet (Social)

Pauline Charbogne (Social)

Aravinth Kumar (Professional Development and School of Public Health)

Marc Edwards (Diversity Postdoc Alliance)

Dionna Williams (Diversity Postdoc Alliance)

Erin Brown (Social)

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