Employment and Immigration seminar

Any guesses on what could lead you to trouble in the visa transition process? No, it is not your usual visa expiration dates or the ‘waiver’ issue, it is something as simple as updating the USCIS with your current address or checking the I-94 form after an international trip.

Welcome to the annual employment and immigration seminar, organized by the JHPDA-International committee along with the Office of International affairs (OIS). This year the seminar was held on 24th January 2019 at the WBSB auditorium, PCTB building, East Baltimore campus. This is one of the most insightful seminars that we are proud to organize.

The seminar starts with an introductory presentation by Jennifer Kerilla, Director, JHU-OIS where she discusses the Hopkins immigration sponsorship policies, the employment visas JHU sponsors, the pros and cons of these immigration statuses and eligibility requirements. Trust me, this can get very confusing and OIS knows that!

The main goal of OIS is to help international students navigate this process, with a series of scheduled and walk-in advising hours. Her talk was followed by Frances Taylor, an Immigration Attorney from Taylor & Ryan, LLC. Frances handles complex immigration matters for the OIS.  She started by explaining the definitions of some of the legal terms, such as “priority dates” that are regularly used when discussing Green card transitions. She then took us through the different routes of obtaining a Green Card and the requirements/eligibility of each route.

One of the big take-homes from her talk was the VISA bulletin, a monthly newsletter published by the USCIS that has all the current information about waitlists, priority dates and any other visa updates. This was followed by a helpful Q&A session and a panel discussion by postdocs Luciane, and Xiang who discussed their transition process in great detail and also patiently answered our questions.

The seminar was very well-attended, and people enjoyed the talks with snacks and drinks. We would like to thank Jennifer and Frances for explaining the process of obtaining a green card. They have been very generous and have provided the presentation to be shared by the Hopkins community. The presentation can be downloaded from the following link:


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