JHPDA’s Sixth Annual Conference

This year’s Johns Hopkins Postdoctoral Conference (JHPDC) was a huge success, with close to 260 attendees, volunteers, speakers and faculty judges.

Here’s a blog post to recap the highlights of the day:

The Associate Dean Dana Boatman, of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, started off the day by welcoming everyone.

Our first plenary speaker, Professor Doug Robinson, recounted his personal journey from growing up as a child of a veterinarian to the series of decisions that led to his professorship at Johns Hopkins. Here’s a link to his full lecture, if you missed out on it.

Dr. Katie Langin from the Science Magazine was our second plenary speaker, who spoke openly about the path she’s taken to finish her academic post-doc and jump into a career in science communication.

Three of our alumni spoke candidly about their search for new jobs and transition out of their post-docs at Hopkins. The panel discussion was very well received.

Our breakout sessions included:

· Dr. Alex McCampbell’s talk on different pathways in industry,

· Ms. Christy Wyskiel’s briefing on technology transfer and the processes that take a laboratory finding to an application,

· Dr. Patti Anderson’s talk on wellness,

· And last but not least, Dr. Margaret McCarthy’s entertaining talk on similar and unique challenges that men and women face in the academia.

This year, in addition to the poster sessions, we modified the oral sessions to brief, 5-minute presentations from 8 talented postdocs: Jada Domingue, Priya Pai, Brian Lin, Alkis Hadjiosif, Haiquan Lu, Ana Caroline Gandara, Nabil Natafgi and KJ Benjamin 

The winners of this year’s poster and oral poster presentation sessions were:

· Brian Lin and Kynon Jade Benjamin (oral presentations)

· Marcos Iglesias Lozano, Barbara Roman, Santosh Dhakal, Janielle Maynard and David Clark (poster presentations); and Christian Jorgensen from the Homewood Campus.

Dr. Val Culotta, the Professor and Director of Postdoctoral Training at School of Public Health, concluded the conference by acknowledging the volunteers and handed over the awards for poster winners. We also appreciated Dana and Val for their tireless effort advocating for postdoctoral rights and training.

Stay tuned for next year’s Conference, and email us with any ideas or suggestions!

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