New to Hopkins?

Living in Baltimore

Like any city, Baltimore has pockets of “good areas” and “not-so-good areas. Many graduate students and postdocs live in apartments or rowhouses around School of Medicine campus or the Homewood Campus, which are conveniently connected by the Johns Hopkins transportation. Some of the popular localities are Fells point, Canton, Federal Hill, Inner Harbor, Mount Vernon, Remington, Charles Village and Hampden. Please note that this is not an extensive list of Baltimore neighborhoods! Instead, we have tried to highlight ones with free or inexpensive transportation between campuses. To explore more on neighborhoods around School of Medicine campus click here[link here]. Do not forget to check with the apartment managements to avail discounts and rewards for Johns Hopkins students and employees.

Temporary Accommodation

Temporary accommodation is available in McElderry House and Broadview apartments.

Life in Baltimore

Proximity to national parks and Washington DC provides a great opportunity to enjoy your time in and around Baltimore. Explore restaurants in Fells Point, Canton, Federal Hill and other places in Baltimore. Do not miss out on the famous crabs, which are native of Maryland. Baltimore is also home to successful teams, Baltimore Ravens and Orioles. Click here to explore more about the city and events.