By Jeffrey

Starts in 4 Months, 9 Days

July 1, 2019 12:00 am America/New_York

Smith Research Building- Room 4001

400 N Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

The Rubens Laboratory is seeking a highly motivated Post-Doctoral Scholar to lead the development of new therapeutics targeting metabolic regulation of epigenetic drivers in aggressive pediatric brain tumors. This research will help the post-doctoral scholar develop a unique niche in childhood cancer research at the cross-section of drug development, cancer metabolomics, and epigenetics. The post-doc will process and analyze metabolomics data, plan and analyze DNA methylation studies, and test the in vitro and in vivo efficacy of novel therapeutics in patient-derived cell models and mouse xenografts of pediatric brain tumors.

 Funding is established for this position with an associated research budget. Post-docs will be encouraged to attend and present at national and international scientific meetings each year and funds exist for training courses such as “Hands on Metabolomics Workshop” at UC Davis or Columbia’s Epigenetic Boot Camp.  No required end-date for the position.

 The Rubens Laboratory exists within the larger Eye and Brain Tumor Research Laboratory in the State-of-the-Art Smith Research Building and is part of the Oncology Department at Johns Hopkins. This structure allows the post-doc to help set the direction of research in the Rubens Laboratory while maintaining the benefits of mentorship from senior faculty including Charles Eberhart MD, PhD Professor of Pathology and a leader in Cancer Biology Research and Eric Raabe, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Oncology and a leader in Pediatric Neuro-Oncology Translational Research.


·         Ph.D. in biology, chemistry or related fields


·         Proficiency in epigenomics and bioinformatics

·         Proficiency in metabolomics

·         Experience working with RNA, DNA, proteins and/or other biomolecules

Expected start date: July 2019 or earlier

Starting salary: NIH-set stipends, commensurate with experience + benefits

Application process:

Applicants should submit an application package that includes a cover letter, CV, (including contact information for three references) and three relevant publications – all contained within a single PDF file emailed to Jeffrey Rubens at jrubens6@jhmi.edu


Please include in the contact form your preferred name and your current email. The subject line should read: “Last name, First name – Postdoctoral Application”. In the message box, please describe your previous appointments and education in the following format:


Previous professional appointments:

None or Postdoc with Prof. X at University of X



Ph. D. in X discipline from the University of X – Advisor: Prof. X

B.S. in X discipline from the University of X

Application review will begin immediately and continue until the expiration of this ad.


Jeffrey Rubens, MD

Assistant Professor of Oncology & Pediatrics

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine