Updated eligibility for child care vouchers

Starting 2020, Johns Hopkins will expand its child care program, covering families with an aggregated income of $96,000 or lower for one child under age 6 (see table below, courtesy HR website). For employees, enrollment for the coming year must be made between August 1 and September 12, with exceptions only being made for new hires or those with qualifying life events. Please see official statement below. “Johns Hopkins University is expanding our child care voucher program so that more employees can receive financial assistance, and they can use the funds with more providers.

We are adjusting the qualifying income levels so many more families will be able to receive $5,000, $2,500, or $1,000 vouchers. Those families are no longer restricted to using only licensed care, but can use a voucher for in-home child care as well. The expanded benefit represents a significant increase over the income limits and voucher amounts of the previous program.

You are eligible for this enhanced voucher program if you are a full-time employee, full-time doctoral student, post-doctoral fellow, resident, or house staff who meets eligibility requirements.

For eligible students: Eligible students may apply at any time, but are encouraged to enroll as soon as possible. If you apply after January 1, your benefit will begin on the first of the month following complete submission of all required documents, and the voucher amount will be prorated based on the calendar year.

The eligibility guidelines and application materials are available on the redesigned HR website. We also have information sessions scheduled on Aug. 13 in East Baltimore and Aug. 14 on the Homewood campus. You can register online for one of these sessions.

See HR website for details .”

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